Temple Limb Salvage Center

Most amputations can be prevented. That is our goal.

The Temple Limb Salvage Center specializes in treating patients with peripheral vascular problems or ischemia who are at high risk of amputation.

Most patients come to us after initial wound management by primary care physicians, podiatrists, or specialists. Some have received this care in wound healing centers while others come from an emergency department. The common denominator in these high-risk patients is a worsening, nonhealing, and/or infected wound.

Although we focus on patients with diabetes- and PAD-related limb-threatening ulcers, our specialists also see many other types of patients with extremity wounds or ischemia risks, including those with: pressure sores, bone infections, poor circulation (e.g., Raynaud's phenomenon), leg swelling (edema), radiation injury, surgical wounds, post-oncology or post-injury arterial or venous damage.

The Limb Salvage Center is the region's first tertiary-level facility solely for preventing lower extremity amputations in patients with diabetes or other vascular pathologies. Our specialists provide limb-saving procedures and the newest vascular rescue therapies for patients with complex wounds or severe ischemia.

To schedule an appointment or for more information, call 215-707-LIMB (5462).