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Temple Study Suggests a Novel Approach for Treating Non-Cardiac Chest Pain

New Temple research has been selected as one of the most significant findings to be presented at the National Meeting of the American College of Gastroenterology.  read more »

Leading Lung Health Organizations Release First-Ever Evidence-Based Patient Care Guidelines in Prevention of Acute Exacerbations of COPD

Gerard J. Criner, MD, FACP, FACCP, Director of Temple Lung Center, serves as Guideline Chair.  read more »

Temple's Tasuku Akiyama, PhD, Earns Research Award from International Association for the Study of Pain

Tasuku Akiyama, PhD, Assistant Professor of Dermatology and Anatomy & Cell Biology at Temple University School of Medicine, and a researcher at the Temple Itch Center, has been awarded the 2014 Ronald Dubner Research Prize by the International Association for the Study of Pain.  read more »

A Pair of "Firsts" for the Temple Heart & Vascular Institute

Robert Wilson is an Air Force veteran and a former yacht builder. Harry Farnack is a roofer, builder and farmer. To their families, they are husbands, fathers and grandfathers. But here at Temple, Wilson and Farnack are trailblazers. They were both among the first patients at Temple's Heart & Vascular Institute to undergo endovascular aortic aneurysm repairs using some of the latest, state-of-the-art technology.  read more »

Temple's John Krouse, MD, PhD, Named Editor-in-Chief of Leading Medical Journal

John Krouse, MD, PhD, Professor and Chair of the Department of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery and Associate Dean for Graduate Medical Education at Temple University School of Medicine, was recently named Editor-in-Chief of Otolaryngology–Head and Neck Surgery.  read more »

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