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Seeing Is Healing: Temple's High-Tech Endoscopy Suite Pinpoints GI Problems Proactively

Temple's state-of-the art endoscopy suite is able to pinpoint GI problems proactively.  read more »

Temple Researchers Identify a New Target for Treating Heart Failure

A team of Temple University School of Medicine researchers have found that as a heart fails, losing its ability to squeeze blood through the circulatory system, the body releases a neurohormone that interferes with the heart's best chance to improve contractility.  read more »

Combining Medication with Sound Waves to Bust Blood Clots

The EKOS EndoWave Infusion Catheter System® is helping Temple physicians clear blood clots in the lungs.  read more »

Temple Among First in Region to Offer New Cardiac Monitors

Temple is among the first in the region to offer Medtronic's Reveal LINQ Insertable Cardiac Monitor (ICM) System®, the smallest implantable cardiac monitoring device available for patients.  read more »

Temple University Hospital Using Novel Stent Technology to Remove Brain Clots

Temple University Hospital is the only hospital in Philadelphia participating in an international clinical trial to evaluate the effectiveness of a device called a "stentriever" to remove brain-damaging clots that are causing a stroke.  read more »

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