Temple University Hospital 125th Anniversary

Celebrating 125 Years in 2017

Temple University Hospital will commemorate its historic 125th Anniversary with its employees and the community at large throughout the first six months of 2017. In addition to marking the anniversary in conjunction with many annual activities, a series of special initiatives will celebrate this milestone as we recognize the individuals and organizations who have helped Temple carry forward its proud mission.

TUH was founded on the idea that quality healthcare should be available to everyone. Our commitment to caring for the most vulnerable – and educating future generations to carry the tradition forward – remains unchanged. TUH has never been a for-profit enterprise. We did not accept our first paying patient until five years after our founding – and then only to help subsidize care for those in need. Gifts to help support TUH’s operation are absolutely vital as our service-driven mission reaches ever-greater heights.

Look back at some of our achievements and innovations in four distinct areas:

The TUH Medical Staff is proud to be the presenting sponsor for Temple University Hospital’s 125th anniversary. Our participation in these celebratory activities including the Health Fest and Acres of Diamonds Gala, is enthusiastically embraced and supported. Our goal of excellence in clinical service, education and research remains the cornerstone and commitment that defines our mission.

Donations to TUH support the many world-renowned medical programs that benefit Philadelphia, Southeast Pennsylvania and beyond – and help create new approaches, new technologies, new research and new ways of delivering healthcare. This vital, lifesaving work benefits not just the tens of thousands of patients TUH serves every year, but all patients, everywhere.

Ways To Give

Celebrate 125 years of compassionate care with a gift to Temple University Hospital today. Learn more about the three different ways you can give.