Abdominal Wall Reconstruction

Abdominal Wall Reconstruction

The abdominal wall protects the inner organs with three layers of muscle. Normally durable and thick, the wall can be severely weakened by a traumatic injury, complex hernia or non-healing wound.

Abdominal wall reconstruction is an advanced surgical procedure for strengthening a weakened abdominal wall. It is only performed as a last line of defense once other surgeries have failed to correct the problem. Temple's fellowship-trained reconstructive surgeons work closely with our general surgeons to explore other options before reconstructing an abdominal wall.

When reconstruction is appropriate, the goals of the surgery are to reinforce the integrity of the abdomen, support the abdominal muscles, protect the intra-abdominal organs and prevent the intestines from protruding through the abdominal wall. Temple's reconstructive and general surgeons have formed a multidisciplinary partnership to offer their combined skill and experience on these complex cases.

During surgery, our surgeons rearrange the abdominal muscles with the goal of effectively eliminating the weakness or defect. They reinforce the newly positioned muscles with a biologic mesh made of animal tissue. The organic mesh, which is eventually incorporated into the body, should present a far lower risk of infection than synthetic materials.

The aim is to produce a restored abdominal wall with enough integrity, strength and flexibility to withstand intense physical activity. This specific type of abdominal wall reconstruction generally has an extremely low rate of relapse, meaning the results are likely to last for a lifetime.

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