Adult Strabismus Surgery

Adult Strabismus Surgery

While strabismus is generally thought of as a childhood disease, some adults develop the condition later in life, or suffer from misaligned eyes that were never corrected during childhood. For these patients, Temple's ophthalmologists offer strabismus surgery that is geared toward restoring healthy alignment in adults.

While realigning the eyes is the main goal of adult strabismus surgery, the procedure is not performed for only cosmetic reasons. Adult patients undergoing strabismus surgery may gain improved depth perception, enhanced visual acuity and be relieved of double vision.

Most adult strabismus surgeries are performed on an outpatient basis, though the specifics of each procedure ultimately depend on the patient and the severity of their disease. During the surgery, a Temple ophthalmologist surgically tightens or loosens the ocular muscles until a natural alignment of the eyes is achieved.

A recent advance called adjustable sutures has made strabismus surgery in adults more successful than ever. These special sutures allow the physician to make adjustments to the eyes' alignment up to 24 hours after the initial surgery without making additional incisions.

Most patients will remain awake during surgery after receiving numbing eye drops. Patients have described the surgery as uncomfortable but not painful. After surgery, many patients will only need over-the-counter pain medication for a few days. If necessary, stronger medication can be prescribed.

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