Infectious Diseases

Infectious Diseases

The Section provides consultation in the diagnosis and management of infectious diseases, and conducts ongoing research on new antibiotics, clinical epidemiology and new diagnostic methods.

Travel Medicine Practice

The Section of Infectious Diseases has a travel medicine practice.  Before leaving the country, travelers may have many questions about their health while abroad. They may have been advised to be vaccinated against one or more illnesses and to take medication to prevent malaria. Or, they may be wondering how to keep their vaccinations up-to-date even when not traveling. Here at Temple, we have physicians who are expert in travel medicine issues who can advise travelers on matters of health as well as administer vaccines and provide prescriptions for preventive or therapeutic medications. A telephone call to 215-707-3807 will allow the traveler to make an appointment to meet with one of our doctors, ask questions and get shots and prescriptions. We are available several mornings a week and other times upon request. Travelers should schedule their visit to Temple as early as possible (ideally 2 to 4 weeks) before their planned departure since some of the vaccines take a while to confer protection.
Byungse Suh, MD, PhD is the Director of Temple Travel Medicine and is a specialist in the field of emporiatrics (travel medicine). Dr. Suh has directed the Temple Travel Medicine Program for three decades and has immunized thousands of travelers. In addition to Dr. Suh, fellows in Infectious Diseases are able to give advice regarding travel to all parts of the world and assist in the administration of vaccines and oral medications.
While injection may be necessary for quite a few travelers, in certain cases not everyone needs a shot! For example, in some cases we can give oral typhoid vaccine and spare the injection entirely. Similarly, the preventive treatment for malaria comes in a pill form and has no injections. But if the traveler requires yellow fever vaccine, hepatitis A or B immunization or any one of a number of shots to keep safe while traveling, they can be obtained here - usually in a single visit!

Section Chief: Thomas Fekete, MD
Appointments: (215) 707-1982
Department: (215) 707-3807
Physician Office

3322 North Broad Street
Medical Office Building, Suite 203
Philadelphia, PA 19140

Peter Axelrod, MD
Specialty interests: hospital epidemiology
(215) 707-3807

Heather Clauss, MD
Specialties: Infections in solid organ transplant recipients, prevention of donor-derived infection, listeriosis, bacterial meningitis, fungal infections
(215) 707-3807

Thomas Fekete, MD
Section Chief, Infectious Disease
Interim Chair, Medicine
Specialty interests: antibiotic resistance
(215) 707-3807

Daniel Jon Mueller, MD
Specialty interests: multidrug-resistant organisms

Rafik Samuel, MD
Specialty interests: HIV medicine, transplant infections
(215) 707-3807

Byungse Suh, MD
Specialty interests: kinetics of antibiotic, drug metabolism in uremia, travel-related infections
(215) 707-3807