Metabolism, Diabetes & Endocrinology

Metabolism, Diabetes & Endocrinology

The Section is widely known for its diabetes research and treatment. It also serves as a resource for the study and management of hypoglycemia. Special endocrinology services include needle aspiration of thyriod nodules; diagnosis and management of pituitary tumors; and diagnosis and treatment of hypothyroidism, hypertension and general endocrine disorders.

Section Chief: Kevin Jon Williams, MD

Physician Office Location


1316 W. Ontario Street
Jones Hall, First Floor
(215) 707-4600

E. Victor Adlin, MD
Specialty interests: hypertension, osteoporosis, thyroid and adrenal disease

Jonathan Anolik, MD
Specialty interests: Clinical endocrinology, diabetes, metabolic diseases

Kristin Criner, MD
Specialty interests: diabetes, obesity, thyroid cancer

Ajaykumar Rao, MD
Specialty interests: hypertension, diabetes, endocrinopathies in the ICU

Daniel Rubin, MD
Specialty interests: diabetes, thyroid disease (including ultrasound and biopsy), calcium and bone disorders (including Paget's disease)

Imali Sirisena, MD
Specialty Interests: Diabetes and obesity management and prevention with both lifestyle and medical therapies; thyroid disorders involving hypothyroidism, thyroid nodules, and thyroid cancer; metabolic bone disorders

Cherie L. Vaz, MD
Specialty interests: aging related diseases in endocrinology, oxidative stress from high fat meals, antioxidant agents and therapeutic role in diabetes and metabolic syndrome

Kevin Jon Williams, MD
Section Chief
Specialty interests: lipid and lipoprotein abnormalities, diabetes