Physical Exams & Medical Evaluations

Physical Exams & Medical Evaluations

Pre-employment Physical Exams (including DOT physicals)

Our pre-employment exams include a medical history, a physical examination, and a general health and fitness evaluation. This comprehensive approach helps identify health-related issues that may affect a person's job performance. The resulting report provides the documentation you need to make an informed decision. We also provide the physical examination and vision acuity tests that are federally required for employees who drive work-related vehicles. Each person who passes the exam receives a Department of Transportation (DOT) medical card.

Fitness for Duty Exams

Fitness for duty assessments evaluate an employee's physical capacity to perform specific duties required for a particular job. This exam process provides you with assurance that your employee can safely perform essential job functions.

Pulmonary Function Testing

Pulmonary function testing is available as part of a pre-employment exam or on an individual basis as a part of evaluation for respirator use.

Respiratory Fit-Testing

We offer both the medical evaluation (review of the OSHA Respirator Medical Evaluation Questionnaire or medical examination) as well as a qualitative respirator fit-testing evaluation.

Physical Exams & Medical Evaluations

Independent Medical Evaluation

We offer independent medical evaluations during which we review all previous medical care related to an injury or illness. A thorough medical exam with a review of available medical records and all diagnostic studies can also be performed. The goal is to provide independent answers to such questions as causality and impairment. A complete report of the results is provided to the employer.

Medical Surveillance

The health of employees who work with certain materials or in potentially hazardous environments may need to be monitored regularly. We can establish baseline medical conditions of employees; determine their ability to work while wearing protective equipment; track their physiological conditions on a regular schedule or at the termination of a project or employment; and ensure that documentation of their exposure and medical conditions is provided and maintained as a part of their medical record.

On-site Screenings & Wellness Programs

Healthcare that comes directly to your place of employment is in growing demand. These types of worksite programs are known to reduce absenteeism while increasing productivity and morale. They can also lower healthcare utilization and costs. We can create on-site health and wellness programs that are customized to meet your needs. We also offer on-site health screenings, including blood pressure checks.

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