Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation (PM&R)

PM&R is focused on the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of disorders that may cause temporary or permanent impairment. Doctors who specialize in PM&R are called physiatrists and they treat disorders related to the nerves, muscles, and bones—including everything from severe stroke to lower back pain.

Supporting our board-certified physiatrists are interdisciplinary teams of licensed professional therapists that give patients custom, tailored, one-on-one care.

Temple patients benefit from our therapists' expertise in every category of rehabilitation. We have extensive knowledge and hands-on experience in many areas:

  • Activities of daily living (ADL) training
  • Balance and gait training
  • Brain Injury
  • Burn Injury
  • Degenerative Neurological Disorders
  • Ergonomic training
  • Hand therapy
  • Head and Neck Cancer
  • Multiple Trauma
  • Neurological rehabilitation
  • Post-orthopedic surgery rehabilitation
  • Post-stroke rehabilitation
  • Spine stabilization (core training)
  • Swallowing therapy
  • Total joint rehabilitation
  • Transplant
  • Voice Therapy

Inpatient and outpatient consultation services are available and an inpatient unit provides intensive rehabilitative care. A full spectrum of electrodiagnostic services are also available.

Learn more about the PM&R treatments and services available at Temple.

To schedule an appointment with a Temple PM&R specialist, call 1-800-TEMPLE-MED (800-836-7536).