Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Department physicians lead interdisciplinary teams of occupational therapists, physical therapists, speech pathologists, social workers, rehabilitation nurses, psychologists and recreation therapists in serving patients with disabling physical conditions. Inpatient and outpatient consultation services are available and a 16-bed inpatient unit provides intensive rehabilitative care. A full spectrum or electrodiagnostic services are available.

Interim Chair: Michael Weinik, DO
Appointments: (215) 707-3646 or -2997
Department: (215) 707-7021
Physician Office
TUH Rock Pavilion (Zone B), Lower Level
Broad & Ontario Streets
Andrea E. Brown, MD
Specialty interests: electrodiagnostic procedures, cancer rehabilitation
(215) 707-2997

Ernesto Cruz, MD
Associate Program Director
Specialty interests: electromyography, electrodiagnostics, musculoskeletal, internal medicine, geriatric medicine
(215) 707-7021

Ian B. Maitin, MD
Program Director
Specialty interests: stroke rehabilitation, electrodiagnostic medicine, multiple sclerosis, neurologic rehabilitation
(215) 707-2997

Michael Weinik, DO
Interim Chair
Specialty interests: musculoskeletal and trauma rehabilitation, sports medicine rehabilitation, electrodiagnostic medicine
(215) 707-2997