Transplant Programs

Temple Transplant Programs

Temple University Hospital was the first in the region to perform a heart transplant and one of the area's first to perform lung and kidney transplantation. We are one of the few United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS)-certified transplant centers in the United States to perform complex heart-lung combination transplants. We currently perform heart, lung, liver, kidney, pancreas and other types of transplants.

Heart Transplant Program

Temple has a long history of leadership in the field of heart failure and transplantation, having performed Philadelphia's first heart transplant in 1984 and reaching 1,000 heart transplants before any other program in the region. Today, Temple's renowned heart failure specialists are skilled in performing heart and heart-lung transplantations and implanting mechanical-assist devices and total-artificial hearts.

The Temple Heart and Vascular Institute is a comprehensive center for specialized cardiovascular care, with cardiologists, cardiovascular surgeons and vascular surgeons who are nationally recognized authorities in their fields.

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Lung Transplant Program

Temple's renowned specialists are skilled in performing lung and heart-lung transplantation. According to the June 2014 Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients (SRTR) data, Temple's Lung Transplant Program has the highest one-year rate of survival among any adult lung transplant program in Pennsylvania and a rate of survival well above the national average.

Temple is a national leader for lung disease care, research and education. With over 15,000 patient visits and more than 1,000 pulmonary procedures performed every year, the Temple Lung Center is one of the largest lung hospitals and pulmonary surgery centers in the nation.

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Kidney Transplant Program

The Temple kidney transplant team offers some of the most advanced techniques for living and deceased-donor transplantation. The program has a first-rate reputation for its innovative clinical research, academic excellence and record of success.

National data show that Temple's kidney transplant rate exceeds local and national averages. The December 2014 Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients (SRTR) report showed that Temple's transplant rate was 75% higher than the local program average and 50% higher than the national average.

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Liver Transplant Program

The Temple liver transplant team is trained in all aspects of chronic liver disease and the unique care of transplant candidates and recipients. The program offers advanced treatments that include liver transplant, liver dialysis (ELAD) and albumin dialysis.

The Temple Liver Transplant Program is able to perform dualorgan transplants, such as liver-kidney, and provides highly specialized treatment for adults with liver disease, including acute liver failure, decompensated cirrhosis, acute hepatitis, biliary disease and strictures, liver and biliary tumors.

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Pancreas Transplant Program

The Temple pancreas transplant team is comprised of experienced physicians and surgeons who trained at nationally renowned transplant centers. The program offers some of the most advanced techniques for pancreas transplantation.

Temple's pancreas transplant program offers four types of transplantation:

  • Simultaneous pancreas-kidney (SPK) transplant
  • Pancreas after kidney (PAK) transplant
  • Pancreas-alone transplant
  • Simultaneous lung-pancreas transplant

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